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Indonesia All Womens  Surf Coaching Retreat 

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 Upcoming Indonesia Coaching Experience  

Gauging Interest on The Surf Box First Ever All Womens Surf Coaching Trip In Indonesia! 

There is no better way to improve your surfing than to go to a wave rich location, surf all day, get coached in person, all within a friendly and supportive environment of like-minded people. This is the vision of The Surf Box, and this vision may possibly become a reality.


In 2020 The Surf Box is anticipating to host its very first Surf Coaching Experience solely for Women, taking place in the tropical waters of Indonesia. 


The Coaching Experiences will be based around improving your surfing, meeting a bunch of likeminded Women, surfing, surfing, and surfing.

Unlike other Womens "surf camps" this trip is going to structured a little differently. Think - more in water time, a smaller, more intimate crew and a strong focus on improving your technique with the opportunity to view and analyse yourself surfing every single day.

At this stage it is a plan to run trips catering to intermediate level surfers (and up to advanced). Intermediate meaning a surfer that is able to catch their own green waves consistently and is comfortable in conditions of up to slightly over head high. A surfer who is at least beginning to attempt manoeuvres such as cut backs, and can ride along the face of the wave comfortably. Surfers who are above this level are also welcome and encouraged to attend. 

The 2 trips are planned to run over the end of September and early October, 2020.


Personally I have struggled to find an all Womens surf coaching experience that would replicate how I would do a surf trip myself.


So that's why I am creating one.


If you are interested in this experience please send me and email so I can let you know when the details will be confirmed and positions released. 


Happy surfing!