How To Look After Your (Dying) Surf Hair

Zoe's surf hair - Image Roxy Womens.

Isn't it funny how some models seem to have this amazing surf styled beach hair? When in reality, real beach hair is fried, splitting, and is so dry it could almost be classified as a fire hazard?

I will tell you one thing - I have been on the hunt for solutions to resurrect or even manage my dying surf hair for years.

The hairdressers may say, "well honey, you just gotta stay out of the sun" in which you nod along, knowing too well that is the worst advice you could have ever received.

This article explores ways that may not fully resurrect your hair into luscious locks, but will at least prevent your mop from disintegrating before your eyes.

Always wash the salt out ASAP.

Salt dehydrates and erodes the hell out of anything in touches, including your hair - and snails. Poor, poor snails. This means you should thoroughly rinse your hair out with fresh water as soon as possible. You know when your hair gets so crusty that it starts to snap? Yeah, that ain't good.

Whispy Surf Hair

Leave in conditioners are gold.

There are many on the market, but as usual, look for the most natural products possible. In all honesty however, anything is better than nothing.

Actually cut your hair every once and a while.

I have always wanted long hair and believed that cutting it again and again would ruin my chance of such a style, but now days I understand the theory behind cutting it. Cutting the hair regularly prevents it from splitting off into a million pieces, giving it a more healthy, together, and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

I soon learned that the "whispy" dying hair didn't bring out the best in me, especially when I told the hairdressers that it had been 3 years since my last visit.

Coconut oil in the ends

Yes, you may look a little homeless, as seen in the picture below, but it actually helps to rejuvenate those ends. The natural oils secreted from your scalp to moisturise your hair can only make it so far, so help those strands out.

Coconut oil in the hair isn't the best look, but what can you do?

Be careful with it.

If you have a knot, don't pull on it until half your hair falls out. Don't straighten your hair until it catches alight. Actually take physical care with your hair. Some people suggest braiding it pre surf (and overnight) to help with tangles and breakage. I think that is worth a try for sure.

Don't go crazy with the shampoo.

As mentioned earlier, your scalp produces oils that moisturise your hair, helping keep it free from splitting. If you over shampoo (clean) your hair you will dry it out and change the natural oil balance that works best for your body. Try and space out the shampoos if you are in a habit of washing it daily.

Surf hair out in the elements - Image Billabong Womens

Eat right.

What you put into the inside most definitely reflects what goes on on the outside of your body. Eating a diverse range of fruits, vegetables, fats, oils, proteins and omegas will assist in the strength and quality of your hair. There are also certain supplements that claim to strengthen and assist in faster hair growth, but as with all supplementation I would suggest doing your research first to see what is right for you.

So there you have it. A few tips to help support the health of your hair whilst constantly battling the harsh natural elements in the the sport of surfing. I would love to see any before and after photos of your hair, or if you have more tips, drop them in the (facebook) comment section!

Good luck everyone!

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