Surf Specific Movement Classes 


Move Better, Surf Better.

Its basic really. Surfing is a very demanding movement practice for your body. regardless of all of the other stuff that goes into surfing (technique, ocean awareness, confidence, external factors such as crowds) surfing requires us to have a base level of strength and mobility to excel. The better we move, the easier surfing becomes.

Although we can't control some of the things I mentioned above such as crowds, ocean conditions and so on, what we can control is our movement vessel - our bodies. 

Surfing requires upper body strength, spinal mobility, core strength, rotational capacity, balance ... the list goes on. 

If we support our bodies to function to their best capacity on land, we will support our ability to have more fun in surfing...

After coaching for years I see the same problems come up again and again. Surfers hold back their technique and performance because they are simply not strong enough, not mobile enough and do not have adequate control and endurance in the places they need it the most.

The classes

I am going to hold classes online - so that everybody - no matter where you are in the country (or World if you can make the timezone work) has access to this movement practice.


I want these classes to be interactive - there is the option to keep your camera on so I can check up on your form and keep your accountable - or - if you prefer to keep the camera off thats fine too!

The classes will run for 45 minutes with a focus on form - and moving within your own range and capacity - don't feel like you have to be a pro surfer to join - this is for everybody - dudes included. 


Please note I am not a trained physiotherapist - so if you have acute injuries please listen to your body and consult your certified practitioner before embarking on any exercise program.

The first is class held online on Monday at 6:30 pm the 3rd of August and will be Free!

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