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Learn To Surf In Nz's Most Premier Spot

If you are wanting to learn to surf there is no better way than to get a lesson from an experienced and local coach. Our lessons are smaller than a typical surf school to ensure we have maximum client to coach time and are always based round the best conditions of the day. In our lessons we cover...

- Ocean knowledge and safety

- Equipment breakdown and analysis

- Multiple techniques for standing up and riding

- How to wipeout properly 

- How to begin to turn and change direction on the wave

Private or Group Pricing

All Lessons are 2. 5 hours in total and include all equipment (wetsuit, board, legrope, sunblock) 

One on One - $150.00

Two People - $120.00 pp

Three People $110.00 pp

Four Plus/Group $89.00 pp

To Book or Enquire

Please Txt or Call Ruby on 021 183 3174

Who is the Coach? Meet Ruby 

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