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Kickstart Your Surfing  


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Improve Your Surfing With Personal Coaching

There is no better way to improve your surfing than to work one on one with a coach to assist you to improve your technique. It is often the smaller changes that make the biggest difference in our surfing and having a more experianced surfer alongside you help you implement those changes is powerful. 

Surf Coaching Options.

All surf lessons take place in Raglan, at either Ngarunui Beach, Ruapuke or the Points. The lesson times will be based around the best conditions of that day. All lessons will be 2 hours in length.


Learn everything you need to know to start surfing, including 

- equipment discussion (and included)

- ocean and conditions analysis talk

- technique development

- advice for the next stage of surfing.


1 Person $135

Extra Person $100

(Max 4 People)

Intro To Surfing 


This lesson is for anyone that can consistently catch and ride along waves, but is wanted to maximise their technique to surf with more speed, power and flow. Here, we paddle out together and go over technical changes that can be made. This lesson is also good for anyone wanting to become familiar with surfing around points and rocks.




1 Person $115

Extra Person $105

(Max 4 People)

In Water Intermediate Lesson

tim-marshall-149741-unsplash (1).jpg

This lesson is for any one that has the basics down but is feeling like their improvement has plataued. In this lesson we paddle out together and talk about positioning, wave selection, and correcting and maximising your technique. 



1 Person $115

Extra Person $105

(Max 2 People)

In Water Novice Lesson

debora-cardenas-516435-unsplash (1).jpg

This includes a filmed session for 1.5 hours, then we head to a cozy cafe and go over the footage. Here you have the opportunity to see yourself on film, and compare your technique to that of a professional. From here it is clear which modifications need to be made to maximise technique.


(For this lesson, the surfer must be able to catch their own waves consistently) 


1 Person $115

Extra Person $100

(Max 2 People)

Video Analysis Coaching

To Book or Enquire

Please Txt or Call 021 183 3174


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