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Want To Improve Your Surfing Alongside Likeminded Women?

Come and join our coaching camps in New Zealands most dynamic surf region. If you want to learn how to improve your technique, gain new skills to keep you feeling confident in bigger surf, and understand how to mentally prepare yourself to surf your best, then this camp is for you.

Advanced Beginner Camp 6th, 7th, 8th December

Intermediate Camp 13th, 14th, 15th December

Why Get Coached

 Something that a lot of people don't realize is that it is often smaller changes in technique that can make the biggest difference to our surfing abilities. Video coaching is by far the most effective tool in helping surfers to gain awareness into where their strengths lie and where improvements can be made.


There's a saying that goes, "the best surfer is the one having the most fun," but from my experience, the better you are, the more fun you are able to have on each wave. Personalized coaching is the fast track way to help you move your surfing to the next level.

What We'll Cover 

Personalised Video Coaching

There is nothing more valuable for your surfing than seeing yourself on footage. Here you can see obviously where improvements can be made and working alongside a coach gives you the support and guidance you need to implement the changes. In this camp we work one on one, analysing your waves so that you can begin to surf with more power, speed and flow.

Breath Work Session


 It is only recently that I have really come to understand the importance of breath work in surfing and I wish I discovered it sooner. In this section of the camp we focus on learning a variety of techniques that can transform your surfing, from gaining confidence in bigger, more challenging conditions, to assisting your body to recover better when paddling back out after each wave.

Creating An Unshakeable Pop Up


Having a solid pop up is crucial when you are wanting to surf in steeper and more critical waves, or simply just to have confidence in each take off. In this section, we explore multiple different ways of popping up and talk about how to create an even more explosive and consistent pop up so that you can catch a wide variety of waves with ease. Wether you are struggling to do one swift movement, or think you have it dialled already - there are always ways to make our pop up's more effective.

The Mentality Of Surfing 

By now you have probably figured out that your mind state plays a big part in how successful your session is. Surfing has so many variables that need our attention which can make the concept of focussing on improvement overwhelming. In this section we focus on the social, physical and internal environments that affect us, and explore strategies that support us to remain in the best state of mind to surf well session, after session. 

What Women Are Saying

" Just got back from an awesome surf weekend. I can now highly recommend Ruby Meade from The Surf Box and Pearl Milligan if you want a weekend of coaching, expelling fears, breath work, training tips, all in a really chilled girls only environment. thanks so much, I'm feeling super excited to chase more waves and leave my fears on the beach" - Claire Thomas 

 " This is the first chance I've had since last weekend to put a post up about The Surf box camp I went on last weekend in Taranaki. We had two surfs a day in stunning locations with both mellow and challenging conditions to test us out..... video analysis with individual coaching tips, workshops on breath development, stress responses and surf specific land based training.....Plus in water coaching!!!


I met a cracking group of girls who I'll defo catch up with in the surf again soon!! Yeeeewww!  I have to give a huge public shout out and massive thank you to the organisers: Ruby Meade and Pearl Milligan. I spent the whole weekend learning and laughing and I am STILL buzzing for more surf (even after a hard week at work!) " - Shell Rells


The Rough Agenda 

Friday Afternoon


- Meet with the group, get to know each other, discuss personal surfing goals and problem areas 

- Surf specific mobility routine to loosen up 

- Evening surf together

- Dinner with group (optional)


Saturday 7:00 am Start


-  Morning surf session (filmed)

- Coffee break

- Video analysis session

- Lunch out (with or without group)

- Breath workshop + building an unshakable pop up

- Chill time or explore New Plymouth

- Evening surf to work on new goals

- Optional dinner with group


Sunday 7:00 am Start


- Morning surf session (filmed)

- Coffee break

- Video analysis session

- Lunch out (with or without group)

- Mentality of surfing workshop

- Afternoon break

- Final Surf to focus on coaching points

Which Camp Should I Join?

An Advanced Beginner can...


Paddle into waves and catch them on their own.

- Choose one direction of the wave and surf along it.
- Have basic confidence in the water and has basic surf fitness.

- Sit on their board and attempt to go 'out the back' on small days.

An Intermediate surfer can...

- Position themselves to paddle into and catch green waves successfully and consistently.

- Duck dive/ manage their equipment with confidence.

- Surf along the wave and is attempting to do manoeuvres such as cutbacks, bottom turns, and speed generation.

- Will surf comfortably in just over head high waves - with the willingness to push themselves in conditions a little bigger. 

-  Please note that for this camp we will be surfing over rocks / reefs therefor water confidence and ability to manage equipment is paramount. 


Price: $469.00


To keep the coaching intimate and to ensure maximum contact time, the camp is limited to 7 spaces only. First in, first served. 

Deposit & Refund Policy. 

 A deposit of $150 is required to secure your position in the camp with full payment being made no later than 3 weeks before the start date. Please note that due to course related costs all deposits are strictly non refundable, and if full payment is not received in the required timeframe we reserve the right to release your spot to another participant to ensure a fair opportunity is given to all.  

Extra Notes:


Bring USB to keep your footage.

Food and accommodation not included.

Transport not included but opportunity to tee up with other participants to save costs.



The camps will be led by Owner of The Surf Box, Ruby Meade alongside Pearl Milligan.


To book your space, or if you have any queries, fill out the form below.


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